Submitting Proposals

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Who is my Research Administrator (RA)?

How do I start the grant proposal process?

Submit your intent to develop a proposal to the ChaMPS Pre-Award team. 

The ChaMPS Pre-award team works in collaboration with PIs to develop proposals and proposal budgets.                                                                              


Will my award allow that?

See links to common sponsor policies below. 

How can I find out the status of my proposal or award?

To find out the status of a proposal, contact the sponsor's program officer.

For awards, check Phoebe, which provides UC Berkeley Principal Investigators and Co-PIs as well as research administration staff with a searchable interface to records of each individual proposal and award, including the status of each proposal.                              

Where can I find UC Berkeley data, such as last month's on-contract spending or graduation rates ?

Cal Answers is an analytical tool allowing UC Berkeley community members to view centralized, integrated information from various campus systems. The tool makes data accessible to the campus community to locate reliable, consistent answers to critical campus questions.                                                          

How do I get access to campus electronic systems?

The System Access Request Application (SARA)  allows faculty and staff to request access for yourself or your employee (s) for campus enterprise systems, for example:

How do I set up a fabrication on an award?

See the fabricated equipment page on the Controller's Office's website.

What are the facility and administration rates (“indirect costs” or “overhead”)?

See the Berkeley Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) Facilities and Administrative (Indirect Cost) Rates page.

What are the current and projected Composite Benefit Rates (CBR)?

What is SPO and how are they different from the ChaMPS Pre-Award team?

What additional campus resources are available to me to prepare a well-written competitive proposal?

The Berkeley Research Development Office (BRDO) provides a range of services focused on bringing more research funding to campus while decreasing faculty burden in applying for it. See also SPO Proposal Writing Resources.

PIs should submit their intent to develop a proposal.


What are the funding agency requirements for grant proposal preparation?

When are my proposal deadlines? And what do I need to include in my proposal?

Proposal submission deadlines work backward from the sponsor deadline. See, SPO's Proposal Review Checklist.

Where is the budget template for a grant proposal?

The ChaMPS Pre-award team works in collaboration with PIs to develop proposals and proposal budgets. Submit your intent to develop a proposal to the ChaMPS Pre-Award team.