RA Team Responsibilities

Pre-Award RA Team Responsibilities

PIs and Researchers send proposal notifications to the ChaMPS Pre-Award Research Administration team through the ChaMPS Proposal Intake form. Within two business days, a Pre-Award RA will follow up with the PI/Researcher.

  • Manage proposal development process and timelines, in accordance to campus 10-business day review deadline(PDF file)
  • Review sponsor’s Request for Proposal (RFP) or proposal submission guidelines; assist with interpretation of requirements and follow up with sponsor, if necessary
  • Prepare, develop, and edit proposal budgets and budget justifications, with PI/PD
  • Align project’s budget needs with sponsor and university cost policies
  • Coordinate collection of required proposal materials from sub-recipients/subcontractors/senior personnel
  • Record and upload cost sharing documentation and commitments for inclusion with the proposal record
  • Facilitate non-technical proposal components
  • Outline and partially prepare administrative forms required for submission
  • Partially complete sections of applications pertaining to standard institutional information
  • Provide templates and sample language for a limited number of common proposal components upon request (biographical sketches and budget justifications)
  • Coordinate compliance elements, including Conflict Of Interest (COI) & research subjects
  • Coordinate Exceptional PI/PD(link is external) status
  • Coordinate submission of VCRO request for limited submission approval
  • Submit proposals to Sponsored Projects Office (SPO)(link is external)Industry Alliances Office (IAO)(link is external)
  • Complete agency requested revisions
  • Work with PI to provide additional/revised documents as requested
  • Work with PI to complete compliance requirements
  • Coordinate COI reporting
  • Work with PI and SPO/IAO to complete just-in-time requests for information, budget adjustments, Institutional Review Board (IRB) clearance.
  • Facilitate and mediate contract negotiation process between SPO/IAO and PI

Post-Award RA Team Responsibilities

ChaMPS Post-Award Research Administration provides fund management support to PIs and Researchers, as well as staff who interact with PI/Researchers, for the management of contracts and grants awards and non-sponsored funds.The fund management process includes the review and interpretation of contract and grant terms and conditions and University policies and procedures, award budget set-up, transactional support, no-cost extensions, and award closeouts.

Award Set-up

Fund Management

  • Maintain fiscal oversight and management of funds, including monthly review, reconciliation and projection
  • Provide monthly reporting that provides, at minimum: current fund balances and a summarized “Action List” of items requiring PI attention. An Action List can include: upcoming grant expiration deadlines; identification of unallowable expenses or deficits; and suggestions for cost transfers that require PI endorsement.
  • Work with faculty to initiate and advise on spending decisions
  • Inform the department of any financial concerns or sponsored funds that are at risk of deficit or projected overspending
  • Assist with the development of deficit resolution plans
  • Monthly monitoring of fund 69900 for Contracts & Grants related deficit clearing and fund 69995 for Payroll Suspense transactions for funds in scope
  • Assist faculty with endowed chair budgets and non-sponsored fund sources assigned to a PI
  • Verify receipt of PI Start­up and Retention Funds
  • Coordinate gifts, as needed
  • Create CF1 and CF2, as needed
  • Verify/review all expenditures to ensure accordance with fund terms, reasonability and availability of funds
  • Monthly review of personnel effort
  • Prepare and submit cost transfers and payroll funding changes (e.g. Funding Entries and Direct Retros) for funds in scope
  • Collect and retain pertinent cost transfer documentation and approval statements, in the event of internal or external audit
  • Complete SAS-115/COSO Internal Financial Controls certifications for funds in scope
  • Review accuracy of Effort Reporting and ensure timely completion
  • Provide courtesy reminders of annual standardized federal progress reports
  • Facilitate technical/progress and financial report submissions
  • Assist faculty with summer salary request
  • Assist with Faculty Salary Research Exchange Program (FSREP) request
  • Upon request, provide analysis, guidance, and policy interpretation of award terms and requirements to faculty to inform their decision making
  • Work with Contracts and Grants Accounting(link is external) (CGA) and PI on financial reports that cannot be generated and submitted solely by CGA (e.g. “custom reports”), ChaMPS RAs can provide financial input on reported budget and expenditures
  • Submit and monitor Sub-recipient Invoices
  • Create and monitor Sub-recipient Purchase Orders (PO)
  • Coordinate closing of POs in Bearbuy
  • Monitor and prepare cost-share report
  • Prepare customized invoices, when necessary
  • Comply with the terms of funds including campus policies, local restrictions, grant terms and conditions, etc.
  • Assist with internal and external audit requests
  • Escalate fund issues/concerns, as appropriate

Award Closeout

  • Provide 90, 60, 30 day expiration reminders for awards approaching closeout
  • Facilitate the process of award closeouts
  • Plan final adjustments and accruals with PI
  • Update recurring payroll, purchase order, and recharges to alternate fund sources
  • Work with PI to request no-cost extensions through SPO
  • Prepare and submit final closeout concurrence to CGA

ChaMPS Research Administration Mission                            

To facilitate all aspects of the greater mission of the University’s research, public service, and teaching, and to build trust with Principal Investigators, Departments, and the campus community by ensuring financial compliance, accuracy, timeliness, and effective communication. ChaMPS Research Administrators provide support that is customer focused, collaborative, and consistent, with the goal to continuously improve.