Hiring and Managing Staff

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Staff and Student Employees and Managers and Supervisors are provided answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I hire someone?



Can a UC Berkeley employee have more than one job at a time?

A UC Berkeley employee can have more than one job at a time. Employees with more than one job, such as many students, are required to be FLSA Compliant. Pay schedule and exempt or non-exempt FLSA Status need to be the same for all the jobs held by a given employee. Pay groups may differ so long as they align with the same pay schedules and FLSA statuses.                                                

When do I approve my supervisee’s time?

Supervisors are responsible for reviewing and approving their employees’ timecards in CalTime.

The below calendar includes:

  • Monthly paid employees (MO) supervisor approval deadlines                   
  • Biweekly paid employees (BW) supervisor approval deadlines

As well as the onboarding deadlines for new staff:

Where can I find information about performance reviews and separations?

The UC Berkeley People & Culture (Central HR) website includes information on performance reviews (Achieve Together) separations, and other tools for managing staff.                                                                      




How can I view the job details of the employees I supervise? Including, is my employee an essential worker?

Use the Regional Portal to see quick details about your staff including essential worker, daily symptoms screener, flu shot badges, and more. 

You can also view the names of the people you supervise in UCPath on your dashboard.                                                    

How do I report that my supervisee has a work related injury?

To report a work-related injury or illness, use the Employer’s First Report (EFR) system, which is an online incident management system that allows UC supervisors, administrators, and department representatives to submit, monitor, and resolve initial causes and verify that corrective actions have been taken to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.                     

When can my new student employee or staff person start working?

Who can help me with my questions about effort reporting?

Effort reporting documents the actual amount of time, or “effort,” that certain grant funded employees perform. 

See the UC Berkeley Controller's Office webpages on Effort Reporting

Contact your Research Administrator with questions.              

What is the account number I should use to buy something?

Use these Berkeley Financial System account codes to indicate the category of your purchase. 

Also see our FAQs:


What is my chartstrting number(s)?

You can view your financials and chartstring numbers in PI Portfolio. In the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) you can view the Chart of Accounts. If you don’t know which chartstring to use for which purpose(s), contact your Research Administrator.

What are the current and projected Composite Benefit Rates (CBR)?

Who can answer my general human resources question?

The ServiceNow ticketing and workflow system uses online forms and workflows for many commonly requested services. It offers real-time, online visibility into the status of a service request. Depending on your question, it will be answered by someone from ChaMPS Human Resources or the First Contact Team.