Getting Reimbursed for Something

How do I check the status of a purchase and its payment?

Tracking information should be provided by the vendor to the purchaser. If not, contact ChaMPS Purchasing & Reimbursements.

To check on the status of payment, see the BearBuy job aid View Payment Status.

How do I pay someone or buy something that is not in the system?

To pay an individual or a supplier that is not in BearBuy or is not on payroll, they will need to be set up as a vendor in BearBuy.

See the Supplier Onboarding Portal webpage of the Controller's Office website.

After setting up, additional information may be requested depending on the set up request, see Special Considerations

How do I get reimbursed?

Submit reimbursement requests for:

  • Travel and entertainment, and
  • Expenses other than travel and entertainment

Though the direct entry reimbursement system.