Buying Something

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How do I check the status of a purchase and its payment?

Tracking information should be provided by the vendor to the purchaser. If not, contact ChaMPS Purchasing & Reimbursements.

To check on the status of payment, see the BearBuy job aid View Payment Status.

What goods and services can I buy? Who can I buy from? And how do I buy them?

All active goods and service agreements are listed in the UC Berkeley tab of the UC Contracts listing, take note that there are some goods and services with specific purchasing procedures.

How do I pay someone or buy something that is not in the system?

To pay an individual or a supplier that is not in BearBuy or is not on payroll, they will need to be set up as a vendor in BearBuy.

See the Supplier Onboarding Portal webpage of the Controller's Office website.

After setting up, additional information may be requested depending on the set up request, see Special Considerations

How do I stop or reissue a check?

If the payee/supplier has not received payment you can complete a Check Cancellation/Stop Payment Request form and submit it as an email attachment to

How do I book a trip?

Departments request access for faculty to book their own trips. Trip can be booked by faculty or by someone on their behalf through Connexxus, the UC systemwide online travel portal used for arranging business-related travel.

For questions, contact ChaMPS Purchasing & Reimbursements.

What is the account number I should use to buy something?

Use these Berkeley Financial System account codes to indicate the category of your purchase. 

Also see our FAQs:


What is my chartstrting number(s)?

You can view your financials and chartstring numbers in PI Portfolio. In the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) you can view the Chart of Accounts. If you don’t know which chartstring to use for which purpose(s), contact your Research Administrator.

How do I set up a fabrication on an award?

See the fabricated equipment page on the Controller's Office's website.

What are the facility and administration rates (“indirect costs” or “overhead”)?

See the Berkeley Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) Facilities and Administrative (Indirect Cost) Rates page.

How do I send something via FedEx?

Departments must set up a SpeedType in Berkeley Financial System (BFS) for your FedEx charges. The SpeedType allows your shipping charges to be posted automatically to the correct chartstring.