As of January 1, 2022, service for the departments/units in the ChaMPS Region, along with the staff that support them, are moving to the ERSO and SHARE regions.

The Division of Math and Physical Sciences and associated ORUs will now be served by the ERSO Region. The College of Chemistry, the Space Sciences Lab and associated ORUs will now be served by the SHARE Region. Read the 1/12/22 CALMessage to campus here.

Unsure of your new region? Use the Region Finder tool.

Departments/units now receiving support from SHARE:

L4  L4 Description
CCHEM Dept of Chemistry
CDCDN Coll of Chem Dean
CEEEG Dept of Chemical E
JBSSL Space Sciences Laboratory
JOMIL Miller Inst Basic Research
NPRAL Radio Astronomy Lab
OVKAV Kavli Energy Nanoscience Inst
DUSEL Deep Underground Sci & Eng Lab
ORDNN Donner Laboratory

As a result of the restructure, this ChaMPS website is scheduled to be de-commissioned on March 31, 2022.

Departments/units now receiving support from ERSO:

L4 L4 Description
ANIPS Center Integrative Planetary
NQBSL Berkeley Seismological Lab
NRTAC Theoretical Astrophysics Ctr
PAAST Astronomy
PCENT MPS Centers and Programs
PDPSD Physical Sc Dean's Off
PGEGE Earth and Planetary Science
PHYSI Physics
PMATH Mathematics